• How do I start my watch?
    To start your watch, gently unscrew the crown, pull the crown out to the second position, set the correct time, push the crown in (do not screw it in yet) wind it 10 full turns and then gently push in while you screw the crown back in.
  • Is my watch waterproof?
    Your watch is water resistant, rated and tested to a depth of 330Ft. Please make sure your crown is screwed in all the way to ensure accurate water resistance.   
  • Can I shower or go in a hot tub with my watch?
    Typically we do not recommend submerging any watches in hot water. Although the watch is water resistant, some condensation can build up under the glass if subject to super hot water temperatures.  
  • Why the name Archon?
    The word itself means "ruler" in the Greek language. We wanted our watches and their wearers to be the rulers of the sea.
  • What does Serial Number 1 mean on my Seafarer?
    Similar to the way literary figures honor a first edition, Serial Number 1 commemorates pieces produced within a specific timeframe. For the Seafarer, Serial Number 1 marks our first model with production dates between Dec 2018 and October 2019. 
  • What is your warranty policy?
    Please see our warranty page HERE
  • When was your company founded?
    The name Archon and the concept of the brand was thought up nearly 10 years ago. We started the development of our first collection in 2016 and are excited to release two of our first collections in 2019.  
  • Who is the owner of Archon Watches?
    Archon watches is owned and operated by Blacklist Brands.
  • Do you sell any other band options or leather straps?
    Not at the moment. We will be looking to add some leather straps and other band options to our site in the future.
  • If my watch was purchased through a retailer, can I exchange it for a different model?
    Unfortunately we are only able to exchange watches purchased directly through our online store. 
  • I have a question that has not been answered yet, how do I contact you?
    Please email us at info@archonwatches.com or create an inquiry from our contact page.